5 Years of the Remember My Baby Charity.

UK based photography charity Remember My Baby celebrated it’s 5th anniversary in 2019.

In this milestone year for RMB I am proud to receive the Silver Heart award from this amazing charity in honour of my voluntary work providing 25 families with forever memories of babies who sadly didn’t get to live but a short time in this world.

When people learn that I volunteer for Remember My Baby and that it involves photographing babies who’s lives are cut tragically short, the statement is usually along the lines of “I don’t know how you do it”.

It’s certainly not easy, but this powerful work is all about capturing the beauty of a baby in it’s brief moment on this earth for the parents. Nothing else matters in those moments with the camera. It’s all about them.

Each of the 25 times I’ve volunteered for RMB, I’ve done so to provide grieving families with the forever memory of their beautiful child.

Silver Award from 'Remember My Baby' 1
Silver pin badge to celebrate 25 families help through 'Remember My Baby'.